VPNA Meeting Minutes from May 4, 2019

Virginia Park Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes

May 4, 2019

Travis, council member attended.

Cheryl gave update on Free Little Library.

  • City agreed to put in concrete pad.
  • By the next meeting (planned for August 2019) the library will be installed.
  • Promotion of library – will begin in July 2019.

Neighborhood watch

  • Cheryl – no updates

Economic development

  • Elkins Townhomes – Groundbreaking started. Open house in late Fall and completion by 2020.
  • Embassy Suites Hotel – Expected to start soon. They have 5 more days of engineering according to Travis.
  • Willingham Townhomes – Design will have a wall against I-85 and townhomes will be in a U shape facing Virginia Park. Garages on first floor of each townhome. Restaurant and retail on Collville/South Central. Planning commission May 14, Design Review May 15, board of appeals 23rd – Discussion of stop signs, walkability between townhomes and Virginia Park.
  • Dunkin Donuts – drive-thru was passed. Limitation says that 3 months after opening traffic will be accessed and addressed if it is an issue. This project is moving and completion is Fall 2019.
  • Gas Station on Triangle near Train Tracks – Thai restaurant in the triangle. 60% is out of pocket for this developer, Paper Airplane LLC. This one is going to take longer for the developer to complete.
  • In City Suites – is upgrading their outside in the hopes of converting to a national chain hotel.
  • Gas Station near Dua restaurant is going to be Atlanta Printmakers Studio.
  • Parking lot across the street on Elkins. Still trying to see if it could be turned into residential. The Strip along Elkins is not zoned Commercial.

Discussion of Security around Delta near 85 exit. There has been an uptick in crime.

Silent Crossings for trains is starting this Summer (late July/Early August)

A suggestion was made to timebox each agenda item. Eddie will try to put a suggested time on each agenda item to keep the meetings around 1 hour.

Virginiapark.org – the website is live. Lots of info being added.

Membership drive to get more paying members and more new residents involved was discussed.

Beautification/cleaning Virgina Park signs – John volunteered.

We are moving to Quarterly meetings.
Next meeting: Saturday, August 10, 2019

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