Meeting Minutes – March 2, 2019

Virginia Park Neighborhood Association

Minutes — March 2, 2019

10 am – Hapeville Train Depot

Attendees: Sign-in sheet on file

Bank account

Luke gave an update on the funds in the bank account.

We have $697 currently in account.

The bank is reimbursing the account $90 in low balance fees which will bring the total to $796.

Little Free Library

The little free library that was donated to Virginia Park by members of the Hapeville council was displayed.

The location where the library is to be installed was discussed. It was decided that the library would be placed in the children’s park on Hamilton and Orchard.

A discussion of how the library would be painted took place. Eddie suggested that it be decorated with a butterfly theme.

Bob – brought up designating the triangle on Custer and Rainey as an official pocket park with benches, a second free little library, and new plantings.

Actions/Next Steps:

Bob and Katrina took on the task of looking into what designation the triangle as a park would entail. Katrina said that there had been discussions about pocket parks at Council meetings and she said she’d look up the process in the council minutes.

Bob made a motion to reimburse Eddie up to $100 for painting and installing little free library. This was seconded by Cheryl.

Eddie and Cheryl said they welcome design input.

Luke said he would help install.

Cheryl was to get in contact with an artist friend to design the decorating of the little free library.

Eddie suggested we have a ceremony for the library to get some publicity.

Neighborhood Watch

Cheryl mentioned forming a neighborhood watch.

Paul Johnson, Maria Johnson and Eddie said they would sign up for their blocks.

Actions/Next Steps:

If interested in helping form a neighborhood watch, please contact Cheryl.

Neighbor directory

The need for a neighbor directory to easily contact all neighbors was discussed.

Actions/Next steps

Katrina will start pulling together from petition for speed bumps.

Cheryl volunteered to verify that those on the list want to be on it.

Neighborhood Website

Eddie has bought the domain and will set up a website for the VPNA.

Virginia Park address number signs on houses

Katrina discussed how new neighbors get one made for their house. Katie doesn’t make them anymore. She used to charge $35.

Actions/Next steps

Bob said he would look into how we can get house signs made again for a similar cost.

New developments

Townhomes on Elkins. Katrina mentioned that the townhomes (approx. 12 units) will start in April. These will be in the $325K range.

Embassy suites – no change, but still moving along.

Rainey and Harding – New houses will be built near Skinny’s. Development Authority have agreed on pricing and are now finalizing contracts.

Willingham project is in due diligence for the 3 acre parcel across from King Kong Wings. This will be 16-20 townhomes. These will be in the $350k range.

Stop signs on Willingham and Elkins

Stop signs to slow traffic was discussed. This would also allow the residents of any new townhomes on the Willingham parcel to easily cross Willingham and be more a part of Virginia Park.

Officer elections

Luke – treasurer

Katrina – President

Eddie – Secretary

Bob Barnett – Vice President

Trash pickup

Waste Pro will take over trash pickup on May 1st.

Next meeting

10 am, May 4, 2019

We are thinking of having it in the park where the new free little library will be installed.

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